General Inquiries

Why choose ItalyRoadTrips and not arrange a Road Trip on my own?
You can plan your own trip to Italy and experience how the locals live, but there’s no better way to perfect your plan than by trusting the experts— locals who've worked in the tourism industry for years and know their land more than anyone. That’s why ItalyRoadTrips is here for you. We are Italian locals who have been travelling abroad for years and have a great understanding of and appreciation for international standards of quality, service, and safety. We want our guests to feel comfortable here and just LOVE and ENJOY Italy!
What is the best time to visit Italy?
Spring and Autumn, if you want to visit art and cultural sites, get guided tours to better understand Italy's history and have a truly authentic experience. Spring and Autumn are mild seasons with several activities to do. We have selected the best guides in the most iconic locations with different authentic activities, so you can experience Italy at its best! Summer is perfect if you want to go to the sea with your friends and family. The sea in Italy is amazing. We have different kinds of beaches, from sandy to rocky, the sea is crystal clear. We have selected different beach clubs to visit and activities to do during the summer in different regions.
What if I only have 3-4 days to visit Italy? Can I customize my Road Trip?
Of course! Whether you're here one day or one month, we can create a memorable experience for you. All you have to do is contact us, and we can customize your ideal Road Trip. For an immediate response, please specify: • number of people • preferred period • interests and places you would like to see Email us now at [email protected]   Which type of accommodation can I expect to stay in?  Villas, Masserie, Trulli, Baite, Agriturismi, Cascine, so all local and characteristic building types carefully selected for you to experience the local vibe of living like an Italian or with an Italian touch.
What type of experiences do you provide?
From active tourism to food tasting, from bicycle tours to wine tastings. Laboratories, and much more. We only work with local chefs, winemakers, artisans, farmers and licensed guides to provide you with the best that Italy can offer! There is no space for homogenization, only authentic experiences to experience the real soul of Italy and its Regional diversifications. Can I travel with my kids?  Yes, all of our cars come with baby seats, and all accommodations can provide extra beds for your kids. Italy is a family-friendly destination. We have countless experiences the whole family can enjoy, including cheese making, kayaking and bike tours you can easily do with your kids. Contact us if you want a family-friendly Road trip. Email us now at [email protected]
Do I have free time to wander around?
We have selected experiences and crafted our Road Trip itineraries in such a way that our clients have ample time to wander around and explore Italy on their own and at their own pace. Enjoying one of our road trips is not just about our expert-crafted itinerary, we go a step further and share with you what we love about our regions, so you feel like you are traveling like a local. We don’t like to schedule every minute of your day, which is why we leave room for serendipitous moments to come to you – a singing fruit vendor, a local jazz festival, a travelling granita stand, a chance encounter.

About Driving in Italy

Which documents do I need to travel to Italy? Can i drive with my foreign driving license?
Your National ID and National Driving license if you are a UE Citizen. For other nationalities, your Passport and International Driving License. For more information about the driving license, visit Italy’s Official Tourism Board website
How safe is it to drive in Italy? Is there anything I should be aware of?
Driving in Italy is safe and relaxed. You won't have any major problems. Just make sure not to drive into the historical centres because you may not be allowed during certain times. But this is not an issue, with ItalyRoadTrips you can get a digital map with all the parking locations outside the historical centres. Moreover, all our accommodations are in the countryside so you can enjoy your rest and the silence after a long day around Italy. For the best hints and more details about driving in Italy, please check our blog article about driving in Italy
Is my car fully-insured? How many kilometers do I have?
All cars come with KASKO insurance (limited deductibles) and unlimited kilometers. Deposit is required at Car pick-up, charged on your credit card and returned when you return the car. Deposit amounts may vary according to locations and Regions. In case of theft or damages, there are different costs to pay: Region Damages Theft Sicily 100 EUR 50 EUR Campania 120 EUR 70 EUR Puglia 150 EUR 100 EUR Lazio 300 EUR 150 EUR
How much are we going to spend for fuel on our Road Trip?
Our Road Trips take around 500-600 KMs in a week, so expect to pay max 90-120 EUR in total for Puglia, Campania, Lazio. For some Regions like Sicily and Veneto, expect to top-up fuel up to 180 EUR in total.
Can I get Automatic Transmission?
It depends on the availability at the rental car locations. Generally, manual gears are provided. If you require automatic, please let us know before booking so we can reserve it for you if available.
Can I still book a tour with you if I use my own car? Can I travel by bus or train?
Yes, you sure can! We can take care of accommodations and experiences for you and still arrange your tour using your car! At the same time, we can create a custom itinerary for you to travel by bus or train.

About Payment Methods

How can I pay for my Road Trip?
If you book online, you can pay at checkout with your credit card. If you want to do a bank transfer instead, you can contact us, and we will send you our Bank Details.
Is it safe to buy on
Yes, our website is safe and managed by third-party software (Stripe WordPress is the platform we have used to build our website, and we use it for our booking transactions (Woocommerce). You can't find a safer booking system! For more information, please click (link to woocommerce and stripe)
Which Credit Card do you take?

Payments can be made with the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express. We also accept the following credit cards in the United States: Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Union Pay (when affiliated with Visa/Mastercard/Discover), gift cards issued from credit card companies (Visa, Amex, etc.). A note on pre-paid gift cards: You can only charge the full balance or less. If you try to charge more than the amount on the card, it will be declined.
Can I change my mind after my purchase?
If for any reason, the trip is canceled 30 calendar days before arrival, there is a 75% penalty for the total trip amount, and the balance payment is refunded. If, for any reason, the trip is canceled 15 calendar days before arrival, there is no refund. No exceptions to these terms and conditions will be made, and we strongly recommend that you secure appropriate insurance for travel cancellations. No changes can be made once you are in Italy.
Can I modify my booking dates and details?
Yes, within 30 days before the date of starting the tour.
Can I change one of the traveler’s name?
Yes, within 30 days before the date of starting the tour.
I have booked a Road Trip, what's next?
You will receive your booking vouchers within seven days from the date of starting the tour as well as an email with your Road Trip Digital Map customized with your names and booking details.Our team will be at your disposal for any question you may need to ask.