In 2017, after returning to Italy from years of working abroad, my wife and I quickly began organizing road trips to rediscover my birth region of Puglia. We created AuthenticPugliaTours, our Incoming Tour Operator located in Puglia, focusing mainly on offering amazing Road Trips in the beautiful Region of Puglia. But our wanderlust expanded to all of Italy.

We met exciting locals and travel planners from different regions sharing with them our love for the concept of Road Trips and with whom we have started to create Road Trip itineraries. We focused on Italy’s outstanding natural, architectural and cultural spots and its vibrant towns, cities and people.

Over the last years, our knowledge and experience have grown to the point where we felt confident we could offer people of all ages and interests an exciting and stress-free holiday in Italy’s most iconic regions. Today, our website starts with the best nine road trip itineraries in the most iconic Italian regions.

Our goal is to provide superbly-organized and personalized road trips that will inspire, replenish and astonish our customers for a price that is considered outstanding value for money, no matter the budget. Our dedicated team’s thirst for knowledge and desire to surpass our customer’s expectations will never be quenched.

Vincenzo De Laurentiis – Founder ItalyRoadTrips